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From childhood, Javier Pitera knew he was destined for a musical vocation. He later studied piano, composition, arrangement, and harmony at the Institute of Music and Technology in Madrid, focusing on the Hammond organ as his instrument of choice.

In 1995, his professional career began with composing music for radio, television and advertising. In the subsequent years he developed an extensive portfolio of work that continues to grow.

His first album, “Un verano sin fin” (“An Endless Summer”), released in 2007, received good reviews.

In 2009, his album “Two months inside the fashion world” was released. Powerful, intimate, sexy, and elegant, this album combines all his musical influences—funk, soul, jazz, bossa and pop—and the result is an experience at once sensual and soulful.

Javier Pitera’s latest album, “Intense,” released in April 2012, is a new collection of songs whose styles differ but throughout which the Hammond organ and smooth jazz roots provide a connecting thread. Seven exceptional musicians accompany him on this new album, which is a work of precision dependent on exceptional attention to detail. Javier Pitera again brings us sensual atmospheres where elegance and good taste walk among suggestive melodies.

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